Maintenance of equipments and coffee machine

For obtaining high quality drinks extremely important are initial adjustments of equipment (mill - regulation; espresso machine - pressure, temperature and flow of water) and regular maintenance of the espresso machine by the user according to the general rules of use.

To all users of our espresso coffee -espresso appliances we offer service and maintenance. In an effort to act promptly to all emergency situations our team of employees is available and if necessary, replacement of coffee machine.

Coordination of three basic elements: the quality of row material-coffee, technology-coffee machine and water as one of the vital factors in the process of formation of the final product - espresso, resulting in device longevity of coffee machine, rare defects, quality drinks (coffee), with that combination and satisfaction of all users.

For this reason, with offered products Galla Caffe is offering water emollient which is used to improve water quality.